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Swedish Massage

Take a deep breathe relax and rejuvenate with long flowing, kneading, light rhythmic tapping and vibration strokes on superficial muscles to increase blood flow. Combine with movement of the joints to help improve range of motion.

60min: $100 | 90min: $125 | 2hr: $155

Deep Tissue Massage

Brace yourself with this slow, deliberate strokes that focus pressure on painful, stiffness in muscles, tendons or other tissue deep in the body. This deep massage helps relieve chronic patterns of muscle tension and scar tissue. This type of massage therapy concentrates on the deep layers of muscle in the body; and highly recommended by many doctors as a treatment option.

60min: $110 | 90min: $135

Prenatal Massage

Embrace Massage welcomes our expecting moms with a relaxing massage that helps your body adapt to the changes by relieving muscle tension, joint pain, arm and leg swelling that occurs in the lower extremities. Research studies have indicated that massage therapy performed during pregnancy can reduce anxiety, decrease systoms of postpartum/ depression, improve labor outcomes, newborn health, and reduce stress by increasing Endorphines and Oxytocins within the body.

60min: $105 | 90min: $130

Foot Massage

Put your feet up and relax! We understand the importance of your lower extremites. That's why we offer you a very compelling foot massage that improves blood circulations, Muscle, joint, and pain relief. We focus on relaxing the muscles and joints by acting upon specific pressure points that targets all areas of your joints. In addition, we use scented oils and hotstones to add an additional element of relaxation to your visit.

60min: $40

Scalp Massage

Unwind with this enhancing blood circulation massage. Focusing on the head and neck to relieve stress with the help of aromatherapy and heated stones to clear your mind and boost your mood.

20min: $25

Service time includes consultation and dressing

The information on this website is not intented to diagnois, cure or treat any medical issues. Please consult with your medical physicians for any health realted issues.

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